Boxee Box Ships Gets Teardown Treatment

first_imgAs for the size of the device–iFixit doesn’t think you should be put off by that. “The Boxee Box looks huge when compared to the Apple TV, but it’s really not that cumbersome in real life — the Apple TV is just teeny tiny.”You can see some more alien autopsy-style shots over at iFixit’s site. Oh iFixit. The site gets its kicks by tearing apart the coolest new gadgets before most of us even get a chance to look at them. The D-Link-designed set top box is just beginning to ship today, and the site has already splayed its guts out for all the world to see.There’s nothing too revelatory here about the innards of the $199 streaming media device. iFixit gives the device a seven out of 10, in terms of reparability. The box also gets high marks in terms of build quality,[W]e feel that the Box has build quality that rivals Apple’s, and is much more solid-looking than the Revue. The front panel is made of glass sturdy plastic and displays a Boxee logo once you power on the device.last_img read more

Google CoFounder Larry Page Named CEO

first_imgGoogle head Eric Schmidt addressed the company’s admittedly “complicated” management structure today, by offering up a “simplified” version, which featured some significant changes to the way the company is run. Schmidt’s own job will be shifting from CEO to executive chairman, stepping aside to make room for co-founder Larry Page, a role he will start in on April 4th.“In this new role I know he will merge Google’s technology and business vision brilliantly,” wrote Schmidt. “I am enormously proud of my last decade as CEO, and I am certain that the next 10 years under Larry will be even better! Larry, in my clear opinion, is ready to lead.”As for Schmidt’s own new gig, “I will focus wherever I can add the greatest value: externally, on the deals, partnerships, customers and broader business relationships, government outreach and technology thought leadership that are increasingly important given Google’s global reach; and internally as an advisor to Larry and Sergey.”Page’s co-founder Sergey Brin, meanwhile, will take the official title “co-founder.” Easy enough. According to Schmidt, he will, “devote his time and energy to strategic projects, in particular working on new products.”last_img read more

Beforeafter aerial photos capture Japans earthquake devastation

first_imgIt’s not easy to look at all of the photos on every news outlet of Japan after last week’s 8.9/9.0 magnitude earthquake, which  resulted in blackouts, fire, and a tsunami. We’ve seen hundreds of shots from the ground, and a good amount of aerial views of before and after the event. To really get the scope of the tsunami and the earthquake’s destruction, ABC News has posted a page of photos entitled “Japan Earthquake: before and after”, which shows aerial photos taken over Japan that really let you see the magnitude of damage in a unique way.The satellite photos allow you to hover over each one to reveal the scale of devastation across a number of suburbs. By dragging your mouse from the right to the left, you can see the before and after photos in one frame. The shots also show tens of thousands of homes and businesses, most of which are no longer standing in the after-shots.AdChoices广告ABC News got the high resolution images from Google’s DigitalGlobe GeoEye. According to Google’s Lat Long Blog, the company has worked with its satellite imagery providers to get the latest available data of the areas affected most by the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami. You can also download the KML file and explore it in Google Earth.Google also encourages you to explore the imagery with Google Maps, or by checking out the Picasa album of before and after aerial shots. A sample of the Picasa photos is shown above.Google said it’s working to provide this data directly to response organizations on the ground in hope that it will aid in their efforts.More at ABC Newslast_img read more

Popcap games for Android now arriving in the Amazon Appstore

first_imgAmazon launched its standalone Android Appstore with a bang, offering an exclusive download of Angry Birds Rio. Mobile gamers love addictive, casual games and they love freebies — and Amazon knows it. By inking high-profile studios to exclusive launches, the company has generated plenty of buzz around its Appstore and continued building momentum with additional free apps and games.So what does Amazon do to follow up the Appstore’s success with Rio? Why, it signs casual gaming gods PopCap to an exclusive agreement, of course. The first installment has arrived, with Chuzzle popping up as the free download of the day (it’s normally priced at $2.99). Other PopCap titles will follow in short order, including Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies — which will arrive in the Appstore on May 30, 2011 and be free on launch day. PVZ will remain an Amazon exclusive for two weeks and is sure to attract another wave of new users to its Appstore.AdChoices广告Amazon is no doubt hoping that all the interest built around its Appstore will pay off big time once its family of Android tablets is finally unveiled later this year. Rumors continue to circulate following head honcho Jeff Bezos’ “stay tuned” statement, and there’s now word that Amazon may be the first to introduce an Android tablet using Nvidia’s quad core Kal El chip. That chip would power the company’s 10-inch tablet, while the paperback-sized 6-inch model would be a more standard-issue dual-core Tegra 2. Estimates have the larger slate as launching at around $400, the smaller at $200 — some time later this year.With months of free games and apps logged, and price points which look extremely enticing, Amazon could well be poised to shake up the Android ecosystem — and the tablet world in general.More at Android Police and RWWlast_img read more

The Winklevoss twins are back with another Facebook lawsuit

first_imgThe battle between the Winklevoss twins seemed all but over after they announced yesterday that they were dropping their case against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that was headed to the Supreme Court. But Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss along with partner Divya Narendra are back today with a brand new lawsuit. If you were disappointed with yesterday’s news to settle the case, you’re in luck as there’s a whole slew of new Winklevii vs. Zuckerberg legal battles to come.The original lawsuit, which inspired the movie “The Social Network,” was filed in 2007 and accused Zuckerberg of stealing their social network idea. Yesterday, the twins announced they were dropping a case that alleged that Facebook didn’t disclose the proper value of their shares when they reached a settlement in 2008 for $65 million in stock and cash.The settlement in 2008 was for $45 million in private Facebook shares and $20 million in cash. Obviously, since Facebook is now worth $100 billion, Facebook shares are worth quite a lot and their settlement now is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. When the case was seen in California, the judge said the deal appeared “quite favorable in light of recent market activity.”We thought maybe the twins realized a three-year-long battle to get more than a $65 million settlement was a wash and that’s why they decided to drop their case with the Supreme Court yesterday. However, it seems the Winklevoss twins had something else up their sleeve as the news broke today of another lawsuit being born.The claim, brought to a Boston, Mass. court, pertains to a slew of instant messages between Zuckerberg and his associates from 2003 and 2005 that leaked last year. The messages show that Zuckerberg planned to hold off on his work for the Winkevoss twins’ social network so that he could create his own social networking site first. The claim says that Facebook should have disclosed these instant messages when they created the original 2008 settlement. The lawsuit begs the question of whether Facebook “intentionally or inadvertently suppressed evidence.”The twins basically said that if they had known about the content of those instant messages during the case, they wouldn’t have agreed to settle. A Facebook attorney called the charges “old and baseless,” so we’re not sure this case will go anywhere further than a Social Network sequel.via TechLandlast_img read more

Zone of the Enders HD Collection includes Metal Gear Rising demo

first_imgRemember when the original Zone of the Enders came out for PS2? For those who don’t, a lot of people picked it up purely because it had a demo for Metal Gear Solid 2 on the disk. Well, Konami has done a similar thing this time round by including a demo of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance inside the Zone of the Enders HD Collection for PS3.ZoEHD sees the original game and the sequel, which has never been released in the US before, revamped into glorious HD. There’s even a brand new opening sequence made especially for the collection. If you’re a big fan of Japanese mechs fighting each other – Zone of the Enders is not a game to miss.As for the demo, there’s no Solid Snake or Big Boss this time round, but Revengence is set in the Metal Gear universe. Instead you play as cyborg ninja called Raiden, and although you can chose to be sneaky or slashy, ultimatly you’re going to be spending most of your time cutting things in half with a sword. This means you can slice anything, yes, anything, cleanly in half — from people to buses. It’s a gory version of Fruit Ninja.If you really can’t wait to pick up Revengeance on release this will be the first demo available for the game, and therefore becomes a must-buy. It’s unclear when and if a public demo will be released of Revengeance so pencil in October 30 and go pre-order Zone of the Enders HD Collection.via Joystiqlast_img read more

Japanese man makes better art in Excel than you can with Photoshop

first_imgCreative types are always exploring the boundaries of artistic expression, but in the case of one Japanese artist, his methods are a little unconventional even for the art world. 73-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi uses a piece of Microsoft software to make amazing artwork, but it isn’t even paint. It’s Microsoft Excel.Most people think of Excel as purely a tool for organizing and crunching numbers, but it can be so much more in the right hands. Tatsuo Horiuchi’s hands are definitely the right ones. Using the autoshape tool, Horiuchi creates free-form shapes spanning multiple cells and joins them together into a huge image.Horiuchi bought his first copy of Excel over a decade ago just prior to his retirement. He wanted a piece of software he could draw with, but the ready-made solutions from the likes of Adobe proved too expensive. What Horiuchi does really pushes the limits of what a spreadsheet can do.It wasn’t until 2006 that Horiuchi realized his skills were anything special. He entered an Excel Autoshape art contest, which apparently is a thing in Japan. He won handily — the competition never had a prayer. Since then he has gone on to sell his work and even offers tutorials on how to create similar Excel art.You can download a copy of two of Horiuchi’s Excel files, but some computers might have trouble managing them. One is a 6.52MB spreadsheet, which is pretty massive. Cherry Blossoms at Jogo Castle is from 2006, and Kegon Falls was done in 2007.You probably never expected a mundane number crunching tool was capable of doing all this, but that’s what makes it amazing. If Mr. Horiuchi had sprung for that copy of Photoshop, we wouldn’t be talking about him right now.last_img read more

Science reveals the secret to the perfect beer pour

first_imgThe Guinness Brewery says that the perfect pour for their beer is so difficult an operation that you really can’t get a perfect Guinness from anyone other than an authorized pouring expert — and some say it decreases in quality the moment you leave the Brewery itself. However, most beers (and fans) are not so persnickety as Guinness. In most cases, the perfect pour is centered around achieving the perfect amount of foam (or “head”) at the top of the beer.Hong Luo, physics chair at the University at Buffalo recently explained the science behind a good beer-pour, which turns out to be both simpler and more advanced than you might expect. The basic principle at work is one with which we interact every day: air pressure. The pressure exerted by the Earth’s atmosphere at sea level is stronger than many realize, pressing on humans and everything around us with an ever-present force we’ve evolved to tune out. We can’t feel the power of atmospheric pressure very directly, but we can see its effects.Heavier beers, like this stout, often require more violent pours to mix up heavier particles.When the liquid in a beer leaves the bottle or can, it will leave behind an area of low pressure — what air is in the back of the vessel will now be spread out over a larger volume. Once this low-pressure zone reaches a certain strength, there’s no stopping it: Each time liquid “glugs” out of a bottle or can, atmospheric pressure is forcing a bubble of air up into the low pressure zone to equalize them.This chaotic glugging behavior is responsible for a good portion of the world’s bad pours. One solution is to pour more slowly, maintaining an open area at the top of the opening so air can rush in without disturbing the flow of liquid. A more convenient solution, however, is to include wide mouths on the beer vessel, or a second hold elsewhere on the can — both achieve the same thing, allowing the atmosphere to fill the back of the can.Combine this advice with a tilted glass, so beer doesn’t pick up too much speed on its way from spout to glass. Let it hit the side of the tilted glass at a relatively low velocity, then slide down to the bottom easy as you please. Don’t forget to bring the glass vertical relatively quickly though — it wouldn’t really be a quality pour without at least a little foam, after all.last_img read more

Whats the difference between The Beast and Storm Emma

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Sam Boal Thursday 1 Mar 2018, 6:05 AM BY NOW YOU know that the weather is bad – and it’s going to get worse as the day goes on.It’s going to get so bad that a red warning has been issued across the country by Met Éireann and the National Emergency Coordination Group has told people to stay indoors from 4pm today until noon tomorrow.But why is weather getting so bad today – and is that due to Storm Emma or the Beast from the East?Speaking yesterday, Met Éireann’s Evelyn Cusack warned that there is going to be further heavy snowfall over the coming days.This is because Storm Emma is arriving in from the west and will clash with the Beast from the East.What is the Beast from the East? As you’ve no-doubt guessed, the name isn’t a proper meteorological term. This weather event has been brought about by a polar vortex. This is an area of low pressure in the upper parts of Earth’s atmosphere that normally resides at the poles. It frequently has centres in Canada and over north-east Siberia.Usually this vortex helps to keep in arctic air. But sometimes these vortexes weaken and in this case it has not just weakened but has broken in two.The vortex originated in Siberia and has swept across from Russia to eastern Europe due to prevailing winds, and then to western Europe. Ireland is its last stop.The Beast brings with it low temperatures and dry arctic winds – which means snow. And that’s why parts of Europe like Austria and Italy as well as Britain have found themselves under heavy snow.Storm EmmaThen there’s Storm Emma. This is a separate storm to the Beast from the East and was due to reach Ireland today. It’s bringing with it winds and other stormy conditions.And the two are going to combine.Earlier this week Evelyn Cusack explained:“As Emma moves in, it’s going to clash with the cold polar air and that’s going to produce the continuous snow that we are forecasting for Thursday evening, Thursday night and Friday.”So that means not only do we get low temperatures and arctic air but we get gales too – and that’s what will lead to blizzards. The two are going to clash today and into tomorrow which is why Met Éireann put a red warning in place (this was also due to seeing the impact of the Beast from the East before it even met Storm Emma).Here’s more from Cusack earlier this week: “There’s a storm system just off the west coast of Portugal this morning heading towards Ireland and this has a lot of rain associated with it.“This system, Storm Emma, as it hits Ireland there’s a strong possibility of it turning back into snow.”We had snow showers last night leading to snow accumulations this morning. And Met Éireann was forecasting a severe frost with lowest temperatures of up to -6 degrees. But temperatures are expected to deteriorate further today as Storm Emma moves in from the west.By midday today, Met Éireann expects up to 25cm of snow to have fallen.Cusack has warned of a possibility of more heavy snowfall this evening and tonight, with temperatures dropping as low as -4 degrees.Sean Hogan of the National Emergency Coordination Group has said that the wintry conditions are set to last for another four to five days.We are anticipating very difficult conditions on Thursday night. That combined with the very strong wind we’re expecting, blizzard conditions, that’s not something we have seen in this country since 1982.- Additional reporting by Rónán Duffy and Hayley Halpin.Read: Everything to know about keeping you and your household safe during Storm Emma> 35,317 Views 14 Comments Share124 Tweet Email1 Short URL Mar 1st 2018, 6:06 AM What’s the difference between ‘The Beast’ and ‘Storm Emma’? Here’s what’s happening with the weather today. Image: Sam Boal By Aoife Barry last_img read more

The worlds only Flying Eye Hospital has returned to Ireland for first

first_img 15,604 Views Source: Orbis via TwitterIt also features state-of-the-art technology such as a 3D camera in its operating theatre’s microscope, which allows healthcare workers to watch surgery being performed in the classroom next door.The charity has helped to treat around 2.2 million people with the Flying Eye Hospital to date and, by 2019, it hopes to conduct a further 17,000 eye surgeries in the specially designed MD-10 aircraft.This aircraft was completed last June and is the third iteration of the Flying Eye Hospital since the charity began in the 1970s.Before it goes on its next mission, the charity is arranging tours of the aircraft from today until Sunday and, although the tours are now fully booked up, you can add your name to a waiting list should positions become available here. 10 Comments Share230 Tweet Email5 Mar 2nd 2017, 12:34 PM The world’s only Flying Eye Hospital has returned to Ireland for first time in 10 years Run by Orbis, the charity trains healthcare workers and provides eye surgery across the world. Thursday 2 Mar 2017, 12:34 PM The Orbis is currently at Dublin Airport, where the public are being invited in for tours Source: Orbis via FacebookTHE WORLD’S ONLY airborne eye hospital has arrived at Dublin Airport, making its first stop in Ireland in 10 years.The Flying Eye Hospital arrives in Dublin to help raise awareness and funds for the charity Orbis, which brings ophthalmic training and sight-saving care to isolated communities across the world.The plane provides hands-on training to local eye care professionals in developing nations and includes a fully accredited surgical suite, treatment rooms and a 46-seat classroom. Read: Here’s how you’ll be able to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in DublinRead: Teen who revealed scoliosis pain on Late Late Show has surgery delayed AGAIN Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL By Sean Murraylast_img read more

Boris Johnson is only delighted the Gambia wants back into the British

first_img By Rónán Duffy Short URL Source: Boris Johnson/Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 14,274 Views 29 Comments Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson speaks to media before meeting with Gambian President Adama Barrow. Source: Kuku Marong/APUK FOREIGN MINISTER Boris Johnson has hailed the “very good news” that the Gambia will be rejoining the British Commonwealth.Johnson made his comments on a visit to the Gambian capital of Banjul but ducked questions about his past praise of British colonialism in Africa.Johnson met newly elected President Adama Barrow in the impoverished West African nation after years of tension under former president Yahya Jammeh.Arriving yesterday, Johnson became the first British foreign minister to visit the Gambia since it gained independence from Britain in 1965.The former London Mayor turned top diplomat told journalists about President Barrow’s intentions to bring he Gambia back into the commonwealth realms“President Barrow is determined to take Gambia back to the Commonwealth, and the Commonwealth is ready to welcome Gambia back,” Johnson said, vowing to do whatever possible to “speed up” the process.Barrow worked as a security guard in Britain when he was younger and has made no secret of his wish to rekindle ties.In a Twitter video released yesterday evening, Johnson celebrated the British embassy soon becoming a High Commission to reflect the Gambia’s return to the Commonwealth fold.Johnson said that the Gambia had “got rid of a guy who was really holding things up”, a reference to former tyrannical leader Yahya Jammeh.Johnson joked about the former ruler a number of times during the trip, calling him “Jammeh dodger”. Fantastic trip to The Gambia – thank you for the warm welcome. On to Ghana!— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) February 14, 2017center_img Feb 15th 2017, 4:14 PM Wednesday 15 Feb 2017, 4:14 PM Boris Johnson is only delighted the Gambia wants back into the British Commonwealth The UK foreign secretary refused to answer questions on his views of colonialism. Share15 Tweet Email (Click here if video doesn’t play)Despite the good-natured meetings between Johnson and Barrow, The Guardian reports that Johnson refused to answer questions from Gambian journalists about articles he’s written previously about British colonialism in Africa.For example, in a 2002 article in The Spectator, Johnson wrote:The continent may be a blot, but it is not a blot upon our conscience The problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge any more.In another news column published from 2002, Johnson characterised the Commonwealth as having “crowds of flag-waving piccaninnies,” to welcome Queen Elizabeth II, using a derogatory term for black people that caused outrage.He also parodied reaction to Tony Blair’s arrival in Congo saying that “the tribal warriors will all break out in watermelon smiles to see the big white chief touch down”.Johnson also suggested last year that former US President Barack Obama’s concerns about Brexit were due to the prejudices of a “half-Kenyan”. Source: ODN/YouTubeMigrationAs part of his tour of Africa, Johnson also said tackling the migration crisis was “something that is absolutely vital for Europe as much as Africa.”Gambia accounts for more citizens per capita taking boats across the Mediterreanan to Italy than any other.Johnson additionally promised support for justice reform in the Gambia, after the new government declared it would overhaul its prisons after shocking footage was released of conditions inside. Gambian President Adama Barrow meets Johnson. Source: Kuku Marong/APA British special advisor will be appointed to aid the justice ministry and attorney-general as the country reforms a sector tarred by allegations of rights abuses.In a show of confidence in the Gambian tourist industry, which is dominated by British sunseekers, Johnson took a commercial flight to Banjul.- With reporting by © – AFP 2017Read: Boris Johnson faces awkward grilling over “rich thesaurus” of diplomatics gaffes >Read: Boris Johnson accuses Saudi Arabia of being a ‘puppeteer’ in the Middle East’s religious wars >last_img read more

European exits for Leinster and Munster but progress has been made

first_img Short URL Apr 24th 2017, 8:00 AM By Murray Kinsella Monday 24 Apr 2017, 8:00 AM ‘I have got to be proud of the guys for the way we came back’Dire opening, Leavy’s big moment and Ringrose’s wonder try European exits for Leinster and Munster but progress has been made The eastern province were the closer to reaching the Champions Cup final. Share1 Tweet Email2 31 Comments Murray Kinsella reports from Stadium de GerlandTHE CHAT ABOUT a possible all-Irish Champions Cup final in Murrayfield was hopeful in truth and, after an absorbing weekend of semi-final action, it transpires that neither Munster nor Leinster will compete in the decider on 13 May. Garry Ringrose on his way to a stunning try against Clermont. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOInstead, Saracens will head in as favourites to retain their title, although Clermont’s whirlwind opening 15 minutes against Leinster yesterday showed their attacking class and they will take confidence from their ability to close out a game that very nearly got away from them.For the two Irish provinces, these defeats in the last four put an obvious dampener on what have been exciting and encouraging European campaigns, but missing out on the final is probably just about right in terms of their quality.Leo Cullen’s men definitely have the greater right to be aggrieved by the final result in their tie, with their opening 15 minutes proving to be the difference against a team they will feel they should have got the better of.“We feel very frustrated because we are that close and a lot of it is in our own control,” said Cullen after Leinster’s 27-22 defeat. “Everyone is gutted in the dressing room. We gave a lot, we prepared incredibly well, we worked so hard through the season.The players are frustrated because there are certain things we could managed better but there are some learnings for a lot of players.“Hopefully we learn our lessons, we can improve and get better so if we’re in this situation again, in France or wherever, we can manage the scenario better. But there is a lot more to come from this team.”Cullen’s words echo those of Erasmus on Saturday after his Munster team came up short at the semi-final stage, albeit with a greater losing margin against the impressive Saracens.Munster stressed that their still-emerging players like Niall and Rory Scannell and Darren Sweetnam will learn valuable lessons from having been involved in the last four of Europe. Munster believe they are only at the start of their journey. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOIn Munster, it feels very much like the beginning of the journey and the references to how Saracens learned harsh lessons through defeats in knock-out games during Mark McCall’s earliest years with the club were apt.Leinster sense that they’re in a similar situation, albeit they believe they are already good enough to take on and beat a team like Saracens.Still, the eastern province see next season’s European campaign as even more winnable because their young players will be even better in 12 months’ time. Garry Ringrose, Tadhg Furlong, Robbie Henshaw, Dan Leavy and others are still growing.We said out on the field that we have to learn from this experience,” said captain Isa Nacewa after their defeat. “There are a lot of young guys across the team who will have take great learnings out of today and will look to get better.“As a squad, we have to take great learnings out of today and just prepare for the coming weeks as there are still more trophies for us to chase.”Indeed there is a Pro12 trophy on the line at the end of this month in the Aviva Stadium and the hopes for an all-Irish final in this competition are far more realistic.With Leinster already guaranteed a home semi-final in the Pro12 and Munster expected to wrap theirs up, the wise money is on this pair going head-to-head in the decider in Dublin on 27 May. Triggs, Richardt Strauss and Jack McGrath. Source: James Crombie/INPHOThat trophy would be comforting consolation after a European exit in the semi-finals.“We’ve still got to work,” said Leinster lock Hayden Triggs. “It’s not done and dusted. We were really hoping to move forward in this competition but now our focus is solely on Glasgow at home.“We’ve secured a home semi, so we’ve got two massive matches coming up in the Pro12, hopefully we can get some momentum and confidence back and move on to bigger things.”– First published 06.00, 24 AprThe42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! 16,979 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Follow us: the42.ielast_img read more

Trump campaign manager had limited role in Trump campaign Spicer

first_img 17,696 Views Short URL Global oil prices soar amid fears Saudi attack won’t be the last one By Business Insider WHITE HOUSE PRESS secretary Sean Spicer has sought to downplay the roles of President Donald Trump’s associates who might have had contacts with Russian officials during the campaign amid a high-profile congressional hearing on Russia’s role in the 2016 election.During a press briefing, Spicer said some of those who are under investigation for their connections to Russia, which is thought to have interfered in the 2016 election to attempt to swing it in Trump’s favour, didn’t have prominent roles on the Trump campaign — including one of Trump’s former campaign managers.“At some point, people that got thrown around at the beginning of this hearing, some of those names, the greatest amount of interaction that they’ve had is [having] cease and desist letters sent to them,” he said.Spicer said he was referring to people like Carter Page, an early foreign policy adviser on the Trump campaign.There is a fine line between people who want to be part of something that they never had an official role in and people who actually played a role in either the campaign or the transition. Trump campaign manager had ‘limited role’ in Trump campaign – Spicer Paul Manafort was the campaign’s manager for a number of months. Share4 Tweet Email Australian intelligence reportedly concluded that China was responsible for a major hack on Australia’s parliament in the lead up to its most recent elections Trump says US is ‘locked and loaded’ in response to attack on Saudi oil supply center_img Hong Kong’s leading pro-democracy activist is urging US lawmakers to stop exporting tear gas made in Pennsylvania to Hong Kong police Image: SIPA USA/PA Images Monday 20 Mar 2017, 8:40 PM 41 Comments Image: SIPA USA/PA Images When asked whether, in light of the recently announced FBI investigation into the matter, Trump stood by his comments that he’s not aware of any contacts that his campaign associates had with Russia during the election, Spicer said he does.He then tried to downplay the role that Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager for a few months during the election, had in the campaign.“Obviously there’s been discussion of Paul Manafort, who played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time,” Spicer said.Later during the briefing, another reporter followed up on Spicer’s suggestion that Manafort played a “limited role” in the campaign, and Spicer clarified his comments.“Just so we’re clear, I’m not dismissing Paul Manafort as a hanger-on,” Spicer said. “… I believe Paul was brought on sometime in June and by the middle of August he was no longer with the campaign, meaning that for the entire final stretch of the general election, he was not involved.”He continued: “So to start to look at some individual who was there for a short period of time, or separately individuals who really didn’t play a role in the campaign, and to suggest that those are the basis for anything is a bit ridiculous.”Read: FBI director confirms Russia-Trump probe and shoots down wiretap claims Mar 20th 2017, 8:40 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

This work is entirely separate Tribunal to hear cases of other garda

first_imgThe tribunal will also address issues of admissibility and notify persons who made complaints of the decisions. We will proceed with our mandate as expeditiously as possible, consistent with observance affair procedures.With reporting from Michelle HennessyComments are closed for legal reasons Chairman Mr Justice Seán Ryan Image: Leah Farrell/ Thursday 11 Apr 2019, 12:20 PM Share5 Tweet Email “Other cases will follow later in the year and as I anticipate into 2020,” Mr Justice Ryan said. No Comments Image: Leah Farrell/ Short URL 5,966 Views Chairman Mr Justice Seán Ryan Source: Sean Murray/Twitter By Sean Murray In other words, it applies to any garda who made a protected disclosure of wrongdoing within the force before that date who subsequently believes they were targeted or discredited, and senior gardaí either knew about it or permitted it.The first case that the Tribunal will hear will be that of Nick Keogh – an Athlone-based garda who made a formal complaint about garda collusion in the sale and supply of heroin in the region. Mr Justice Ryan said he expects hearings to begin on Keogh’s case in June.“The Tribunal is anxious to proceed as expeditiously as possible,” he said. The judge added that he can only look at cases within his specific remit from serving or retired gardaí, and that some cases may not be within his power to look into.“It is understandable that some persons making complaints to the tribunal may bedisappointed to find that it is not possible to investigate their grievances becausethey are not within the tribunal’s remit and therefore inadmissible,” he said.It’s understood that the Tribunal may hear cases from four to five current or former gardaí over the course of this process.  Tribunal counsel says a number of garda had made complaints that the team are still working through. “Those preliminary inquiries are continuing in relation to those complaints,” he says, not identifying them at this time. #DisclosuresTribunal— Sean Murray (@SeanMJourno) April 11, 2019 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article THE NEW CHAIRMAN of the Disclosures Tribunal has said that hearings on the next section of the inquiry will get under way in June, with proceedings likely to continue into 2020.Delivering opening remarks at Dublin Castle this morning, Mr Justice Seán Ryan said the work he’ll be doing is “entirely separate” from the previous work of the Tribunal – which investigated claims from gardaí Maurice McCabe and Keith Harrison.The Tribunal was set up by the Oireachtas with 16 terms of reference – mostly on matters related to McCabe.Judge Charleton ruled that that there had been a “campaign of calumny” run against Maurice McCabe by senior gardaí, delivering his findings last October in a landmark report.Mr Justice Ryan will deal with just one term of reference – the last one – “to consider any complaints by a member of the Garda Síochána who has made a protected disclosure prior to 16 February 2017 alleging wrongdoing within the Garda Síochána where, following the making of the protected disclosure, the garda making the said protected disclosure was targeted or discredited with the knowledge or acquiescence of senior members of the Garda Síochána”. After all the modules that dealt with Maurice McCabe and Keith Harrison, we’re now onto term of reference (p). It’s quite broad. #DisclosuresTribunal— Sean Murray (@SeanMJourno) April 11, 2019 Source: Sean Murray/Twitter Apr 11th 2019, 12:20 PM ‘This work is entirely separate’: Tribunal to hear cases of other garda whistleblowers from June Mr Justice Sean Ryan has taken the reins from previous Tribunal chairman Mr Justice Peter Charleton. last_img read more

Brussels to kickstart projects

first_imgMajor construction projects in Greece are in for a lifeline as the European Commission intends to allow the disbursement of community resources as guarantees for the funding of the stagnated public works. Sources put the amount of resources, expected to be used as collateral, at 1 billion euros, forming part of the 15 billion euros that is allotted to Greece in Structural Funds in the context of the National Strategic Reference Framework and remains unused. The decision, which entails a change to the regulations of Structural Funds will now have to be put for approval to the European Council and the European Parliament, so as to be implemented in early 2012. The guarantees will be used for the issuing of loans either from the European Investment Bank or from other lenders in order to provide the Greek economy with the liquidity it desperately needs, as it will allow for the realisation of major infrastructure projects that have not proceeded at all in the last few months. Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Athens mayor open to new migrant unit

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis raised the prospect of a migrant reception center being created in the capital in a bid to set the example for other municipalities to contribute toward solving Greece’s burgeoning problem with illegal immigration.“Athens must set the example so that other municipalities realize that this is a problem that concerns us all and that unless the guarding of our borders is improved and immigration centers operate, with full respect for human decency, the immigration problem will not be solved,” Kaminis told Skai radio.The mayor said that he was open to such a project, providing that Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias can allocate an appropriate spot.Only two other municipalities, both in northern Greece, have agreed to accommodate migrant reception centers so far — Deskati in Grevena, and Konitsa in Ioannina. But local authorities have set two conditions — that the exact specifications of the proposed centers be determined in advance and that the facilities lead to the creation of jobs for the local community.Municipal officials in other Attica municipalities are reportedly open to the creation of centers in their areas, particularly those with large populations of migrants.In a related development yesterday, the ultra-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Party) issued a statement describing Kaminis as “the mayor of the illegal immigrants” after the latter banned party supporters from distributing free food — for Greek citizens alone — in central Syntagma Square.The party, which went ahead with the food initiative regardless of the ban, accused the mayor of failing to stop immigrants involved in illegal street trade.A couple of hundred people reportedly turned up at Syntagma Square to claim the free food — potatoes, pasta, milk and olive oil — after presenting their identity cards to party supporters to check their status as Greek citizens.Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

McMahon set to fight for Greek community

first_imgFormer Mayor of Hurstville Council and cancer survivor, Steve McMahon, said he will be fighting to win the Greek community’s support after winning preselection to be the Labor candidate for Barton at the Federal election.Steve has lived in the St George area his whole life, and is also raising his two children with his wife Lee.“It is an honour to represent the Labor Party in the community I grew up and live in,” Steve McMahon said.Mr McMahon said that Barton had a vibrant and active Greek community, many of whom he had met during his time as Mayor of Hurstville.“I will always be putting the community first, and I’m committed to fighting for a second airport, improving St George Hospital and delivering new infrastructure for our area.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Gap between SYRIZA and New Democracy closing

first_imgA new opinion poll by Kapa Research shows that the gap between SYRIZA and New Democracy is closing.Published in Sunday’s To Vima newspaper, the survey puts support for SYRIZA at 25.5 percent, followed by 22.7 percent for New Democracy.This means that the difference between the two parties has narrowed from 3.6 percent to 2.8 percent over the last month.The poll also shows PASOK in third on 6.7 percent and that the majority of Greeks would prefer snap elections to be avoided.According to Kapa Research, 57.8 percent of voters would like the current parliament to elect a new president of the republic.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Grippe AH1N1 le bilan de la vaccination

first_imgGrippe A(H1N1) : le bilan de la vaccinationFrance – Il y a quelques mois, l’épidémie de grippe A(H1N1) et la campagne de vaccination qui l’a accompagnée ont fait naître bien des polémiques. Roselyne Bachelot, ministre de la Santé, dresse aujourd’hui le bilan.Tous les Français le savent, la campagne de vaccination n’a pas trouvé le succès souhaité par les pouvoirs publics. Ainsi, seuls 30% des professionnels de santé se sont fait vacciner, 20 à 25% des femmes enceintes et des bébés de 6 à 24 mois, 15 à 20% des proches de nourrissons et de personnes dont l’état de santé présente une fragilité certaine et enfin, 10% seulement des enfants de 2 à 11 ans. Ces chiffres ont été fournis par Didier Houssin, directeur général de la santé.Roselyne Bachelot les explique principalement par deux facteurs. Le premier : les débats médiatiques sur l’indépendance et donc les conclusions selon lesquelles des experts auraient entretenu une peur du vaccin et surtout de ses effets secondaires. Le second : certains médecins libéraux, n’appréciant pas les pouvoirs du gouvernement en matière de santé, n’ont pas toujours bien relayé l’information auprès de leurs patients.Le 16 juin 2010 à 11:20 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Barack Obama Le temps dadopter les énergies propres est venu

first_imgBarack Obama : “Le temps d’adopter les énergies propres est venu”États-Unis – Alors que mardi, le volume de pétrole s’échappant dans le golfe du Mexique a été réévalué à 60.000 barils quotidiens selon les estimations hautes, Barack Obama a tenu un discours depuis la Maison Blanche. Il a insisté sur le fait que d’autres méthodes de production énergétique devaient être développées afin de mettre fin à la dépendance au pétrole. Barack Obama ne manque pas de tournures pour qualifier la marée noire : c’est “une épidémie”, “une tragédie”, “la pire catastrophe écologique” qu’aient connu les États-Unis. Son gouvernement compte la combattre “pendant des mois et même des années”.Le président a toutefois tenu à rassurer la population : “Ne vous y trompez pas : nous combattrons cette pollution avec tout ce que nous avons et aussi longtemps qu’il le faudra”. Il a également insisté sur le déploiement de 17.000 membres de la Garde nationale afin d’œuvrer contre la catastrophe.Il n’a cependant donné aucun détail concernant sa façon de mettre en place la loi sur l’énergie et le climat, actuellement bloquée au Sénat et dont le but sera de sortir de la dépendance aux énergies fossiles.Alors que mardi, les opérations de pompage du pétrole ont été mises en veille durant cinq heures suite à un incendie sur un bateau en surface à cause de la foudre, on fait désormais état de 300 à 500 millions de litres de brut déversés dans le golfe du Mexique, depuis maintenant huit semaines. Le 16 juin 2010 à 12:26 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more